In a constantly changing world, driven by technology capabilities in which everything is constantly in flux, it is our believe that change is the only constant.
In this world, adaptation and innovation is the only drivers which brings success on a continuous basis and due to this paradigm DuWardgan is a firm believer that,
"Anything is possible, and the Impossible, just take one day longer".


In a world with endless possibilities enabled by technology it is DuWardgan's vision to assist our partners, business and otherwise, with appropriate solutions that enable them to effectively create wealth for all their stakeholders.


  • It is our mission to enable and assist in the creation of a safe, exciting and dynamic environment for all our partners and stakeholders, while creating opportunities for our communities through the appliance of technology.
  • In this we strive to be innovative, dynamic and act as thought leaders in the conceptualisation and appliance of technology for use in all spheres of live to enable all our partners and stakeholders to achieve their goals.
  • Enhance the value of our organisation through effective and mutually beneficial partnerships in a collaborative environment where mutual trust is engendered on a professional basis.
  • Contribute to the broader South African Nation building goals to curb unemployment and uplift the living standard of all our stakeholders and communities.

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Willem van Wyk

DuWardgan ICT Solutions & Consulting

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DuWardgan ICT Solutions & Consulting

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DuWardgan ICT Solutions & Consulting

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Contact Information

Telephone: +27 (0)12 331 1560
Fax: +27 (0)12 331 1559 24th Avenue 755,
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Our Services

Our services is conceptualised around specific driving factors which has been proven over the past fifteen years and has been condensed into three specific focus areas:

  1. Management Consulting services;
  2. IS and ICT services and Solutions; and
  3. Project specific services.
  4. Documentation & Presentations.